Global Energy Solutions

Our focus is to provide competitive and efficient solutions for each renewable energy project, creating the best investment opportunities in the sector. Investors, utilities, and specialized funds count on our expertise to structure, deploy, and manage complex renewable projects anywhere in the world, from start to finish.
At Atlas Clean Energy, LLC, we know how to design and build reliable, renewable installations with the highest return on investment and the lowest amount of risk. During the assessment stage, our team will design projects tailored to your needs–projects not only feasible from a construction standpoint, but also on a financial level.

What We Offer

We are a full service consultant committed to initiating Green Energy projects in Mexico. Whether you are exploring Solar, Wind, Micro-Grid Technology, Combined Heat and Power, or Energy Importation from the US, Atlas has the expertise, financial resources, and connections to implement a solution that reduces your energy costs.

Atlas is focused on local companies and government institutions in Mexico. As the Mexican Energy markets continue to deregulate and focus on “Green” Energy, our customers are left to evaluate alternative energy solutions and develop an approach that will stabilize their energy costs. Unlike traditional suppliers who may present a particular ‘one size fits all’ approach, Atlas instead offers a portfolio of solutions and identifies that which best meets your needs.

  • In 2003, Maquiladoras (manufacturing companies in Mexico who export to the US and internationally) and US parent groups pressured for importation of energy into Mexico to reduce the cost of energy operations. At that time, a total of 23 companies underwent the process to acquire permits. However, due to the penalty built into the CFE Transmission Contract, Maquiladoras were forced to pay fines and increased fees if their US energy supplier did not deliver the energy – or, for example, in the case of a brownout that causes the Maquiladora to default back to the CFE grid. Theoretically, if this power outage happened just once, it would wipe out the Maquiladora’s savings for the entire year. For that reason, most did not continue to follow through with importation; however, some chose to maintain their active permit.
    In response to one of these companies’ requests to inquire after the importation process, Atlas spent 18 months comprehensively researching. Atlas sought to ensure that a Mexican company could import energy, reach market potential, and also avoid penalties. During this phase, Atlas discovered that CFE was soon to make changes to the importation process, contract, and associated penalties. In 2010, CFE held a meeting with the Canicentra (Mexico’s equivalent to the Chamber of Commerce) to announce the upcoming changes in Mexicali, Baja California. Atlas Capital Consulting was also invited to this event as the only non-Maquiladora entity present.

    During this meeting CFE announced that the penalties and fees for defaulting back to the CFE grid for
    any reason (including the sudden brownouts that initially discouraged many groups) was going to be removed. Atlas was additionally informed that CFE would increase the amount that can be imported at the Mexicali Tie, as well as the fact that the Arizona and Texas borders are now eligible for importation as well.

    After the announcement was made Atlas concluded the discovery phase and opened up an office in San Diego in addition to a sales office in Tijuana. Atlas has contracted with an engineering company in Tijuana and has hired a former Director of the CFE to handle all stages of the importation process for Atlas’ clients. From start to finish, it is now approximately 6-8 months before a Mexican company can begin to import energy from a US supplier.

  • In 2014, the Secretary of Energy of the Mexican Government announced the deregulation of their energy market, opening a green market program in January of 2016, a program presently in full effect. In fact, companies in Mexico are now mandated to draw at least 35 percent of their energy from a green source such as solar, over the course of ten years, commencing in 2018. The aforementioned mandate will apply to all commercial and industrial sector entities, regardless of their energy load. Therefore, state government, universities, micro-business and industrial spaces will need to meet the green mandate.
  • A third-party report by the Wilson Center Mexico Institute has been incorporated in this investment booklet to authenticate both the merits and the business opportunities of the energy reform. Prior to commencement, ACE embarked on a three month research process and created several novel reports on Mexico solar energy policy, proposing solutions to address their needs for sustainability as mandated by the energy reform. Furthermore, the research included other areas, such as: curtailment issues, demand response, spot market trading per the reform, as well as transmission cost across the US-Mexican national and international grid.
  • This market shift allowed Atlas to enter the renewable energy market on behalf of its clients, resulting in the development of new product lines that are aligned towards the aforementioned renewable space. Former Business Developer Official for the state of Baja California and Attorney Rafael Solorazo is presently consulting with ACE and is our key liaison for governmental state projects.

Getting Started


The process starts with an analysis of your bills. We request that all clients submit 12 months of energy bills for the location you are evaluating. Additionally, we request the interval data and curves for your energy consumption. If you are interested in a CHP solution, we furthermore ask that you provide us with a process-flow diagram readily available to your engineers and an estimate of any losses witnessed due to curtailment issues.

At no cost to you, Atlas will analyze your energy-intake and expenses and review your site location to establish solutions and address your particular needs. If there is a solution that both helps you control and lower your overall energy costs, we will schedule an onsite visit to discuss options with you and see if there is an opportunity to collaborate.

Once you have gathered your necessary information, please email it to us.