Meet Gabe Arce

Founder and CEO, Atlas Clean Energy

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Gabe Arce

Gabe Arce has spent 8 years working on energy importation and consulting in Mexico. He has worked with many fortune 500 companies which include, but are not limited to: SIMEC Grupo SA de CV, Parker International, Honeywell, Carefusion, and Pepsico. He and his wife, Mary Moreno, are pioneers in introducing new energy alternatives to the Mexican market and they have been involved with 70 percent of all Importation Permits currently issued by the Mexican Government.

He stands out in his field because of his bi-cultural background. Bilingual ability has been instrumental in building an international network, especially in Mexico and the US. Arce is known to be approachable and honest, being equally comfortable in both individual and group appointments. He specializes in financial services, utilities, technology, and consulting..”

Arce has two undergraduate degrees from University of Southern California. After college, he worked as a journalist in Mexico City covering banking and trade. During his leisure time, Arce enjoys spending time with family and is currently working on his masters degree in diplomacy at the Norwich University extension program. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife of 11 years and nine year old son. He loves going to baseball games with his son on Sundays.

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