A message from our CEO

A message from our CEO

Sep 09 , 2021


Atlas Clean Energy

In one week, my fourteen-year-old, Joshua, will begin his journey as a High School freshman.  I remember my biggest worry about entering high school was how I looked or making any friends. I wondered if I would be good enough to make the high school baseball team.

Joshua is concerned about how Covid-19 will influence his high school experience. Especially after coming impromptu online virtual setting, which impacted his academic progress. However, his youth is synonymous with hope and opportunity, but he is battling something that he cannot see or understand today.

As a parent, my worries are not limited to his education but his health and my household. Today, we fight an unseen enemy, and that enemy is not pandemic or Delta variant, which most of the news coverage in these recent weeks. I want my son to have the typical high school experience because he will only get one shot!

I decided to change the direction of my business, focus on the good fight, and put safety and over profit. Although my reason is selfish as it concerns my son, I can universally relate to every parent worldwide in keeping our children safe.

Atlas has partnered with CATRONICS, specializing in thermo technology, specifically designed to detect abnormal body temperatures. In addition, I vetted several technologies companies within this business segment, and Centronics has achieved standards, which have been endorsed by the FDA and the Pentagon of the United States of America.

Walmart and Home Depot use their technology for distribution centers in Canada and the United States to keep their employees and customers safe. In addition, Oxnard School District California has already supplied all their schools with the Cationic solution.

Before the pandemic, has already created an international roadmap in several countries, penetrating industries such as airports, manufacturing, travel and hotel, and government. The technology Catronics provides adds an extra layer of protection to their student body, faculty, and households.

As CEO, my corporate social responsibility was simplified when I witnessed my son's middle school chaos. They endeavored to mitigate the first wave of the pandemic in March of 2020.

Unfortunately, my son's school district was ill-prepared. Many students, especially the education student body, were lumped together in a virtual, setting which became a classic case of the blind leading the blind. According to the data posted in the California Board of Education, there was a regression of reading comprehension with the mainstream student body, which over exceeded 50 percent with the K-12 student body.

Fast-forwarding to the present, vaccination must minimize the exposure potential, coupled with the data backed by the CDC that youths mortally risk ratio, which at the acceptable range, for the gates of schools to reopen. Although statistically, from a macro standpoint, this benchmarking is comforting. It does not consider the exposure to students with pre-existing conditions or students who may be carriers of the contingent, who will be taking that exposure to their household, putting their multigenerational family at risk; thus, she lies the dilemma.

The Atlas blog will serve as a forum for multi-voices to bring the realities and challenges that the post-pandemic brings to the K-12 environment for California’s fall 2021 school year. The goal is to create a whiteboard of ideas, coupled with real solutions, to move or fall forward in the new normal.

We welcome all sides, including whether it comes from the far left or right. Still, hope is that this blog will serve as a platform to create meaningful dialogue to discard the false, from the facts, the disinformation from the undeniable truths.

Our California youths are the promise of tomorrow, and our community is responsible for protecting them at all costs. We must equip our schools with the necessary infrastructure, such as code- ventilators, best safety, and wellness practices. This is true for educators and school administrators, who are unrecognized from line heroes who are putting their very lives.

Gabriel Arce

CEO of Atlas Clean Energy 

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