K-12 Student Absences

K-12 Student Absences

Nov 11 , 2021


Atlas Clean Energy

Oceanside, California—California K-12 schools have been trying to stay afloat with the new Covid-19 guidelines mandated by the state to provide a safeguard for in-person learning. However, unprecedented absences from the California student body, which has created another sort of unrest, are rising despite these safety procedures.

Many open questions remain about how California K-12 schools will handle unvaccinated students or shield students with pre-existing medical conditions. However, on October 1, 2021, California announced mandatory vaccinations for its schools. To date, 95 percent of California students have returned to in-person instructions. In addition, to further fortify faculty and student safety, California legislation expands vaccinations for measles, mumps, and rubella.

California schools have been inconsistent with their state mandate guidelines, which contradicted best practice procedures.

This explains the growing absences from the student body, reported by Cal Matter on September 28, 2021. For example, Stockton Unified has reported that over 39 percent of its students have been consistently not showing up.

In addition, the Oakland Unified school districts have a 33 percent absence rate, and Sacramento has reported a 26 percent absence average.


Atlas has launched a technological monitoring turnkey solution, which addresses many of the gapping areas in the California school districts. One of the advantages of early detection surveillance monitoring is that it will notify the right people in real-time before a contagion spread can occur.

Real-time monitoring, especially for off-campus visitors, is essential to mitigate the exposure ratio, inevitably creating a high confidence level for parents to allow their children to attend school.

However, despite the legislative and best practices to minimize exposure, an unforeseen exposure scenario will always remain.


The New Albany-Plan School district in Ohio has installed a multitude of surveillance beacons to offset the contagion (New Albany-Plain Schools). He believes that the technology could help the school determine whether social distancing is being observed and help quickly identify students who may have been exposed if someone tests positive for the coronavirus.


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