Consulting Services

Atlas provides expertise and guidance on implementing and improving business processes by performing an in-depth forensic analysis to identify issues before recommending solutions. Companies hire process consultants to grow and scale when their current systems and processes are messy, inefficient, unorganized, or non-existent.

Energy Consulting

At Atlas Clean Energy, we know how to design, procure, and build reliable solar, wind, and geothermal energy installations with the highest return on investment and the lowest risk. We strive to provide competitive, efficient solutions for each project, creating the best investment opportunities in the sector. Investors, utilities, and specialized funds count on our expertise to structure, deploy, and manage complex renewable projects worldwide. Our clients include public schools, Fortune 500 companies, and manufacturing plants.

Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Consulting

Atlas provides expert guidance on ecological projects and issues concerning solar, air quality, waste management, soil quality, and more.

Bitcoin Mining Consulting

We deliver the most cost effective energy solutions for corporations or individuals interested in creating crypto mining farms or transferring already working container units to our facilities to leverage mining profitability.

Management Consulting

Atlas specializes in working with parent companies and their offshore manufacturing sites with the goal of improving their communicative platform related to global facilities, supply chain, and real estate identification. We also provide high-level security background checks under the Department of Justice or other regulatory agencies to ensure checks and balances, minimizing a company’s exposure.

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