Independent Contractors

ACE works with global professionals in renewable energy and sustainability solutions such as solar, wind, geothermal, microgrids, and monitoring and controls. We also contract with an independent firm specializing in Engineering Procurement Construction and IT implementation.

Advantages of Becoming an Atlas contractor:

  • We will never blindly throw projects your way without vetting a project to ensure it meets your professional requirements. We qualify projects against your expertise, current portfolio, and experience. 
  • Often Atlas contractors can work remotely from the comfort of home. We review all project criteria and requirements before submitting proposals to our independent consultants.
  • We ensure all required resources are at your disposal. Atlas appreciates the value independent consulting brings to certain projects. We believe in bringing value to both our clients and our independent consulting portfolio.

Please fill out the independent consulting questionnaire form, along with your resume and past project accomplishments. Upon review, we will schedule a Zoom Meeting to engage in meaningful conversation and add you to our list of specialist contractors.

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