An energy consultant provides a company with the full spectrum of support in managing all energy-related matters. While it is possible to address your independent energy management, it takes time, expertise, and access to information. Therefore, an energy consultant provides a company with the full spectrum of support in the direction of all energy-related matters.

Atlas energy asset managing platform can manage all your renewable assets, and run periodic reports regarding your energy efficiency performance.  We can forecast, based on your operations potential red flags, and bring problem-solutions before it becomes an operational issue, especially in your supply chain operations.

To achieve these opportunities, Atlas manages energy across organizations, industry sectors, supply chains, and regions, which will require significant new and increasingly more transparent data, standard metrics, and analytics. Engage leading companies to identify high-quality suppliers to improve pilot supply chain energy efficiency. Atlas can create one or more sector-based collaborations for strengthening supply chain energy efficiency by assembling groups of peer manufacturers within a supply chain and using benchmarking, process capability analysis, and best practice sharing to identify and improve energy efficiency and industry competitiveness.

Energy Storage contributes to local energy security, redundancy, and resilience, including when the batteries are paired with a local power source on a community micro-grid. A micro-grid is a network of end-users with a local source of electricity that can be disconnected from the grid and operated independently. Today, companies prefer a micro-grid to detach from the electrical grid, which includes price certainty.

Large-stake holders or utility-scale energy storage systems are owned by the local utility power company, leveraging state or local grants or federal incentives. However, the community might have helped purchase the system through financing options or government subsidies. As a result, battery storage costs have decreased rapidly over the past few years, though they remain relatively expensive systems.

Yes, Atlas will conduct a complete performance analysis of your energy demand profile, which will require you’re bills and interval data. This data will allow us to identify the timeline when your energy demands its highest. Also, these feasibility studies can support peak and load reduction, minimizing additional electrical grid congestion.

Storage is compatible with multiple mixed energy products, such as wind and turbines. And biomass technology. Also, the storage unit can be fully charged with these solutions while operating

Atlas is a full-service global consulting firm, specializing in multi-national companies, with offshore subsidiaries, such as manufacturing plants, who are energy intensive. We work with several Fortune 500 companies that require their offshore operations to meet the highest standard in energy efficiency.  Atlas also provides permitting and government lobbying to ensure your offshore facilities meet foreign host regulatory mandates. Maquiladoras is one of the footprints Atlas specializes in, and we have over 14 years’ experience serving that industrial space.

Today, California is leading the nation in hybrid fleet transportation, and that market continues to grow expeditiously.  Atlas has partners with leading EV charging vendors that specialize in strategic fleet stations, coupled with the cutting-edge technology in today’s EV market.  Atlas can also provide storage pairing with EV, which will create an additional revenue stream.

Although creditworthiness is essential, Atlas works with multiple financing vendors to identify the best program for your capital expenditure projects.  Upon completing a feasibility study, Atlas can perform a financial analysis to determine the best financing model that could support your program.  Atlas can provide rentals, operating and capital leasing, Power Purchase Agreements, and owner-operator programs.

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