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Our core consultants started their careers with Fortune 500 companies, servicing their offshore manufacturing companies in LATAM and across the globe. As a result of working with multiple global companies, we are savvy in diverse cultural dynamics and regulatory energy policies. Our expertise extends to parent companies as they work to address multi-global needs, from energy procurement to brand awareness.

Digital audiences influence behavior. Like our clients, we are passionate about unlocking the potential value in employees and teams. As internal entrepreneurs, we collaborate with our partners to create ROI. We partner with Fortune 500 companies to maximize the value of their enterprises, delivering solutions tailored to each client's needs and realities.

In addition to the essential services to Fortune 500 firms, we also offer:


Atlas's business methodology and processes are elegant and straightforward, identifying unforeseen obstacles in the global structure of Fortune 500 companies, especially in the multicultural aspects of LATAM operating territories.

'Business plan methodology' refers to a step-by-step framework for creating a business plan that maximizes the use of an organization's resources in pursuit of its objectives. We present this methodology as a series of phases for addressing the critical elements of a business plan. Therefore, it is essential to complete each component before moving on to the next step.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) consulting ensures a company's CSR strategy, enhances brand recognition, increases sales and customer loyalty, and improves business sustainability. In addition to corporate social responsibility, consultants organize and participate in CSR innovation sprints to uncover CSR ideas.

CSR is even more imperative in LATAM's emerging and underdeveloped regions. Public opinion can negatively influence a corporation's brand due to gross negligence in environmental or social concerns relevant to that region. CSR advisors play a vital role in ensuring CSR initiatives result in better brand recognition, attract high-caliber talent, and improve financial performance.

Through well-defined messaging, transparent accountability, and clear scorecards, advisors also help companies establish CSR initiatives as a competitive advantage. In addition, by tapping into corporate social responsibility consulting, companies ensure that CSR actions achieve set objectives and create a stronger brand.

Community Participation

Corporate social responsibility consultants enhance community participation through community outreach, partnerships with community members, and the development of community-led initiatives. Effective community participation ensures a company becomes entrenched in the community narrative, a critical factor in establishing local market dominance. In addition, community involvement at the local government level is essential to leverage a Fortune 500's operational and brand awareness goals.

Security Consulting

Fortune 500 companies face several challenges when operating in regions with underdeveloped electrical grids, starting with the disparate technologies and dispersed geographical locations of the facilities. Atlas identified the need to increase security technologies and their applications to acceptable corporate standards.

The Process Of A Security Consultant

The discovery phase requires:

We create a customized survey that each stakeholder must complete. The survey gathers detailed data, including general system information, types and quantity of devices, software used, building plans, and whether or not local support exists. Then, we lead a conference call with all stakeholders to review the results and request missing information.

Integral to the entire process is an experienced advisor with a global footprint who enjoys a long-term relationship with clients and intimately understands their needs. An initial assessment identifies which technologies are incompatible with corporate systems and which technologies can be retained.

Political Climate

A developing country's transition to an industrialized platform brings many challenges, especially on the political spectrum. These challenges may be social, economic, or cultural. Internal corruption within the governmental hierarchy poses additional challenges. Atlas has years of experience in the energy sector with foreign countries and governments. We are experts in navigating difficult political climates by liaising with stakeholders and communities.

Executive Service

ACE can provide a risk assessment analysis for C - level executives visiting offshore operations abroad. Such services include cross-border transportation, assignment of a guide with transportation and translation services, security, and lodging recommendations.

Best Practices

Most Fortune 500 companies address their global diversity demographics through digital platforms, such as blogging or virtual town hall meetings; however, an accurate gauge of diversity comes in waves of culture, disability, and national identity. Despite less evolved labor policies in developing countries, Fortune 500 companies are still held accountable by various groups and stakeholders via CSR.


Atlas's investigative service assesses corruption, analyzes risk, and conducts background checks of potential partners or investment groups. In addition, ACE can complete forensic background checks on individuals, companies, and public or private channel partners. Our services help Fortune 500 companies make effective partnership choices, especially with unvetted foreign groups or public officials.

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Real Estate Consulting

Atlas provides strategies and corporate real estate support to public and quasi-public entities, corporate/institutional developers, and mid-cap to Fortune 500 companies across Latin America.

Establishing an operational maquiladora site at an industrial park or in a remote area, far away from neighboring labor competition, is a critical strategy to mitigate turnover and address incentive programs for maintaining a labor force.

In isolated cases, companies unknowingly transferred real estate to nefarious business associations without due diligence. Media outlets reported their missteps, embarrassing investors and stakeholders. This is just one example of why real estate consulting in LATAM is imperative if a Fortune 500 company wants to lease or buy property.

Energy Asset Management (EAM)

Energy Asset Management is a systematic process for evaluating Distributed Energy Resource (DER) assets to attain the highest system performance and ROI at the lowest maintenance cost. 

Atlas has efficiently designed its EAM to manage multiple national companies, especially in LATAM or underdeveloped regions, where energy resiliency and cost savings is essential. We employ an internationally recognized platform for energy management solutions. Our platform identifies opportunities for cost savings through optimization of energy consumption, enhances reputation by demonstrating a clear commitment to sustainability, and future-proofs your business by tackling upcoming energy consumption challenges.

The EAM platform includes the following services and products:

  • An Online Portal that reports and monitors market trends and utility rate analyses
  • Facility audits that provide operational processes and energy procurement strategies 
  • Foreign utility and regulatory government updates
  • Phone 
  • Engineering feasibility studies
  • Grid resiliency reporting
  • Renewable energy assets
  • Market reports

COVID - 19

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The coronavirus pandemic heavily impacted LATAM's industrial spaces and caused significant safety concerns for its employees. According to a report by JD Supra, more than half of Mexico's IMMEX companies were closed in April 2020 due to COVID-19, which created significant economic and employment-related setbacks.

Unfortunately, health and safety issues rage on, posing a challenge to secure labor under the new normal of COVID-19. For example, the Wall Street Journal reported that a worker at the Schumex-Schumacher maquiladora factory told WSWS Autoworker Newsletter that supervisors forced them to work despite a COVID-19 outbreak at the plant.

Atlas’s LATAM expertise extends to COVID-19 policies and technology, especially for manufacturing plants where up to 500 or more employees work multiple shifts. The rise of disease transmission in export zones has created challenges to operations and safety. In addition, many large corporations within these zones have been accused of illegally incentivizing a return to work during the pandemic. Atlas COVID-19 solutions offer a secure work environment for employees while ensuring that the supply chain will remain consistent and operable.