Our technology scans up to 200 students in one snapshot and red-flag any potential Covid-19 carrier in real-time.

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Keeping the schools safe

Our system transmits essencial information to facilities department or the school health department via text or email to promptly isolate and assist any potential carriers of any Covid-19 variant.

Atlas Clean Energy technology is being used in manufacturing facilities, hospitals, public government offices, universities, and public schools. In addition, most Fortune 500 companies are adhering to their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) to implement such solution to meet their community obligations. With their active presence within the community, they have taken significant steps towards protecting their employees and the communities they represent.

Covid-19 Thermo Scanners for California School Districts
Covid-19 Thermo Scanners for California School Districts
Covid-19 Thermo Scanners for California School Districts
Covid-19 Thermo Scanners for California School Districts
Covid-19 Thermo Scanners for California School Districts

California's Latest Update

The California Board of Education has taken steps to minimize the pandemic's exposure to the K–12 student body, faculty, and administration. California school districts are ramping up to commence onsite schooling for the fall of 2021. However, potential exposure within the K–12 public school system in California presents a potential health hazard for unvaccinated youths who do not meet the vaccination benchmark besides the new Covid-19 variants that are yet to be studied. 

Covid-19 Thermo Scanners for California School Districts
The California Department of Education (CDE) monitors the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and works closely with agency partners. Local educational agencies (LEAs) are encouraged to follow the California Department of Public Health's recommendations. In addition, LEAs should identify plans for communicating with families and consider learning supports for school closures.

On response to the pandemic

We are primarily concerned with inner-city public schools that fall below the national poverty average. That is why we have taken steps to subsidize and seek out donations to provide the thermal scanner technologies that the California school districts needs. If your school falls within a disadvantaged school district, you may apply today on grant opportunities for qualifying under-represented districts in the state of California.

Covid-19 Thermo Scanners for California School Districts

Our Technology

Atlas Clean Energy turnkey technology is customized to flag any person with an abnormal body temperature forensically. We can scope up to 200 people per snapshot, identify any potential red flags, and email or text the suspect contingent to either facilities or the school health department, everything in real-time.

Our technology is FDA-approved and is currently being used by Walmart and Home Depot in their distribution centers in Canada and the United States. 

Together against COVID-19 

We have allied with private groups who fund under-service school districts improvised communities.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and wellness environment for K–12 students and faculty regardless of economic and social demographics.
Covid-19 Thermo Scanners for California School Districts

Who we are

Atlas Clean Energy is a dedicated energy-consulting firm that works with Fortune 500 companies in multiple regions worldwide.

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