Atlas takes great pride in putting our clients before profit margin, a tradition since the company’s founding in 2013. Today’s buyers are savvy researchers with the internet at their fingertips. They are not looking to be sold with outdated sales tactics but instead require a consultant with the right contacts and a forensic approach tailored to their needs.

With ever-changing technological advancements and a regulatory process evolving to keep up, you need a knowledgeable specialist who can speak with certainty about what these changes mean to your business or stakeholders.

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The Atlas consulting platform includes experts from around the globe who are leaders in their respective disciplines. The vetting process includes their projects, references, and good standing in their professional community. Atlas will never commit to a project or study, especially if we don’t have the back-office support on the empirical understanding to commence the modeling.

This is the why and common denominator of establishing a sound solution. Atlas is not in the business of selling a product, but resolving the operational issue while protecting the planet where and when the opportunity presents itself.

For more information on Atlas’s green policy and global commitment, please email, or schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our environmentalist specialists.


Atlas’s commitment to our customer base and potential clients is transparent and based on action and results. Our services are based on integrity and guided by an ethical standard rare in many firms looking to close sales. Although revenue is the lifeline of any for-profit company, we believe professionalism and goodwill win opportunities and create long-lasting partnerships.

Mindfulness is the new normal for many businesses striving to create dynamic and enriching environments for their associates and clients. Atlas has incorporated this simple but elegant concept into its business channels and processes.

Whether the motive is information gathering or customer service, no matter whom we engage, we treat our clients with the utmost respect—a cornerstone of Atlas since our founding.

We take professional courtesy seriously in our consulting environment. It extends to everyone, regardless of position or business opportunity. We believe in creating an atmosphere of creative collaboration that our clients and partners can feel in person or at a Zoom meeting a thousand miles away.

Atlas’s prime directive is to provide turnkey solutions for the company’s operations or supply chain contingent on continuous energy resiliency. Per modeling and onsite forensic audit, we can identify potential operational issues. However, we believe our solution base services are limited to indexing the problem, rather than suggesting an unvetted process, which will result in minimal reward savings.

To learn more, please email, or schedule an appointment to discuss your supply chain operations.

Market Analysis & Research

Atlas partners with the Annie Agency, specializing in in-depth audience behavioral analysis, including sentiment analysis, Quartic online or field surveys, social media listening, focus groups, and SPSS analysis to help global corporations understand and assist the
competitive landscape.


Atlas works with several partners to monitor and control cyber security for electrical grids, microgrid storage, or related technology in order to reduce a company’s carbon footprint and mitigate the high cost of energy utilities.